10 Red Flags for an IRS Business Audit

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One of the most stressful situations a business can have is a tax audit. Even the most diligent business owners can be subject to an audit, but there are some major red flags that could put your business at a higher risk. Avoid the extra risk by staying away from these red flags: Math and Accounting [...]

Profit Sharing Plans – What are They and How Do They Work?

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Profit-sharing is typically a type of retirement savings benefit offered by employers. Many small employers utilize this plan, as there is no requirement that it be funded every year. Profit-sharing by definition means an employer will share a portion of its profits with an employee at the end of a fiscal year. This can be paid [...]

Retirement Plans: 401K, IRAs, Etc. – What are They and How Do They Work?

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The days of pension plans are long gone for most companies. These plans essentially stated that if an employee worked a specified amount of time for a company then they would be paid a specific amount of money for their retirement. For example, a company could say if you work for 25 years with us, we [...]

Everything You Need to Know for Succeeding as A Small Business Owner in 2019

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The calendar year is coming to an end. With the turn of a page comes a clean canvas for new trends in the small business market. As many large retail outlets are struggling, 2019 is looking to be a great year for entrepreneurs. Here is everything you need to know for succeeding as a small business [...]